Jinri Park, Elisse Joson share their special friendship on Magandang Buhay



People have said that there comes a point in every true friendship, where friends not only consider their peers as friends but as a “brother/sister from another mother.” Very few people are lucky to have this kind of friendship. This is what former “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7″ housemates Jinri Park and Elisse Joson have discovered as they continue to enjoy each others company.

During an interview in “Magandang Buhay” Joson and Park shared on the morning show how their close friendship began. They revealed that it all started when they were both inside the Big Brother house.

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According to Jinri, she never thought that Elisse had a very pleasing personality to match her face at first. Thus, she thinks her friend usually gets the first impression of being a snob, which is in contrast to what she discovered since day one.

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When Kuya asked na ‘who do you feel na you’ll get along with the most?’ I said, ‘Elisse.’” Jinri said.

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Moreover, Elisse admitted that she also didn’t expect that she would get along with Jinri given that the latter is a bit older than her

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However, she revealed that what really made them close with each other, is that they both share the same personality. According to her, they are both introverts who just enjoy being alone.

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On their Instagram posts, there is no doubt that they really enjoy each others company – whether going to the beach, going to the gym, or being with their friends and family.

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On one of Joson’s IG snap last month, she posted pictures with Park with the caption,

“This is us looking at our bright tomorrows hehe. There are all types of love, this one’s called friendship. Friendship til were 81! (See second photo haha) yesterday was a beautiful day– sunset by the beach, throwback music, and quiet calming moments”


What can you say about the friendship between Jinri Park and Elisse Joson? Do you have the same friendship such as them? Do you also consider your close friends as your sister or brother? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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