Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia speak in light of their ‘racist’ prenup photo shoot in Ethiopia


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Everybody was anticipating the prenup photo shoot of soon-to-be-husband-and-wife Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. Alas, it was everything one could want and more. The imposing beauty of South Africa is only fitting for the equally striking couple.

Well, except for a few photos.

After their photo shoot was made public online, netizens started to call out Billy and Coleen for using Ethiopian locals as ‘background people’. This, for them, implies a condescending take on African life, especially as the two were deliberately made to stand out in the photos.



The fact that the people of South Africa have always been marginalized for sure didn’t help the controversy. Seeing that they were utilized as ‘props’ in the photoshoot, people began to tag their ‘problematic’ prenup as racist.


But, Billy and Coleen beg to disagree.

After weeks of being in the hot seat, the controversial couple finally broke their silence with an official statement. Through entertainment reporter MJ Felipe, Billy and Coleen explained their side to the public.







Apparently, the controversial photo shoot was more of a promotion than it is a prenup, thus explaining why the locals were utilized in the takes. This wasn’t enough to convince critics, though, who argued that if they did want to boost tourism for the country, they should’ve highlighted the Ethiopian nationals instead of ‘pretty people’ such were the celebrity couple.

Of course, there were also those who acknowledged Billy and Coleen’s apology, citing that they were respectful enough to ask permission from the locals themselves to be used in the photo shoot.



What do you think of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s official statement? Some seem to be unconvinced—do you feel the same or not? Let us hear your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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