Crazy husband dismembers wife’s body and strips off her face



Filled with almost sixteen years of confined resentment, this crazy husband murdered his wife in cold-blood on Sunday, March 11 at Barangay Holy Spirit, Quezon City. The unidentified 46-year-old victim suffered a horrific death after being disemboweled and dismembered by her own husband.

Based on a report in ABS-CBN News, the authorities were alerted after the victim’s chopped up body was discovered by children who were playing within the vicinity of the crime. Upon arriving at the scene, police walked into a nightmarish murder scene.

[DISCLAIMER: The following photos contain graphic scenes. Reader’s discretion is highly advised.]



The wife’s limbs were chopped off from her torso, leaving her bloody stomach emptied of her bowels. What’s even more horrifying is the victim’s face was stripped off and one of her legs was placed inside her stomach.

Only a soulless psychopath can commit such horrific crime. The suspect was immediately arrested and he showed no remorse as he professed how he performed the murder.



Listening to his accounts were so surreal, but authorities had to keep track of what prompted him to kill his own wife. Apparently, the couple has been married since 2002 but they were not blessed with a child since the wife was diagnosed with myoma.



For sixteen years, the husband’s pent-up anger continued to grow until it finally reached its peak. During that Sunday, the wife laid down and asked for a massage. Out of nowhere, the crazy husband stabbed his wife and slashed her stomach.


The suspect also exhibits signs of mental disorder because according to his accounts, he once saw his wife as a goat. In addition to that, the reason why he ripped her stomach open is to see whether or not there’s a fetus inside.

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