Clever netizen wasn’t fooled by stranger’s scheme online


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In the age of technology, the online world has found some ways to get away with crimes that can be harmful if we are not being careful and watchful in engaging with anonymous sent messages by strangers or by sexual predators who unknowingly hacked accounts of your friends or relatives. They can immediately lure you from their traps! It was a good thing that a netizen named Lucy was able to escape a stranger’s attempt to threaten to release inappropriate photos of her younger sister if she didn’t do what the man commanded.

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Lucy had a conversation with the stranger who was aggressive in asking offensive requests and malicious questions. She already knew that the stranger’s tactics were just bluffs, instead of being driven by fear Lucy did not give in. Instead she fearlessly sent him hilarious photos in response to the messages and to play to frustration of the pervert netizen.

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To expose the man behind these schemes, she posted photos of the conversations she had with the stranger and shared her experience to bring netizens awareness. Also, to put an end the man’s perverted ways online before someone might become a cybervictim.

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What can we learn from Lucy’s experience? What should we do to protect ourselves in a vulnerable online platform? Write your comments and suggestions in section below.

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