Puberty Hits Hard: Aleksis Corbi Looked Stunningly Hot After Her Puberty Stage



Today, the internet isn’t only being used as an easier way of communication but also as another platform for entertainment. A lot of things have been going viral on the internet lately and one of those viral challenges is the ‘When Puberty Hits You Hard’ challenge wherein one person will post a photo was taken years ago and the latest photos that will show the big difference. This is exactly what Aleksis Corbi did that shocked everyone.

A year ago, a woman named Aleksis Corbi took the internet by a storm after she shared an album of her that showed her jaw-dropping transformation. According to FHM Philippines, it was somehow a set of photos that featured her ‘metamorphosis’.

1-1 (10)

2-1 (8)

3-1 (6)

Aleksis Corbi or more popularly known as Alex is a 19-year-old graduating student of De La Salle University in Dasmarinas. She took Tourism Management as her major and aspires her to be a flight attendant someday.

During her free time, Aleksis Corbi spends it to explore new food spots and coffee shops. Also, Aleksis Corbi travels a lot and even plans on visiting Hermana Menor in Zambales.

4-1 (9)

5-1 (6)

6-1 (5)

According to Aleksis, before people travel different countries, they should at least travel their own country first.

“I suggest you explore the hidden beaches in the country. Read articles and blogs before going there. That’s what I do. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll discover.”

Just like any frequent traveler, Aleksis Corbi dreams of visiting Santorini, Greece someday.

7-2 (4)

8-1 (6)

9-1 (5)

9-1 (5)

10-1 (7)

11-1 (5)

12 (19)

Also, Aleksis Crobi has a few words to the people who doubted her When Puberty Hits You Hard challenge. She said: “Don’t forget to look back and never be ashamed of where you came from. To me, being confident means being comfortable with yourself and in order to be comfortable with yourself, you need to love yourself.”

13 (11)

14 (8)

15 (6)

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