A Woman Who Resisted From The Men Who Tried To Molest Her Was Beaten With A Stick


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Let’s face the fact that more and more people are being the subject of abuse, both physically and sexually. The worst part is the fact that these victims are often blamed for what had happened and are the ones who often receive the punishment. This is exactly what had happened to this woman who was beaten with a stick after she fought back on the men who tried to molest her.

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The horrifying incident took place in Uttar Pradesh that is located in India’s Mainpuri district.

According to the woman, she was asking directions from a group of men when they started groping her. They even ended up removing her head covering that’s locally called as a dupatta.

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In the viral video, the woman was seen fighting back, trying to defend herself from a group of men.

At that point, another man came and started giving no mercy on beating her up with a stick! The abuse didn’t end there for they even shouted offensive remarks about her.

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The husband of the woman being beaten was also struck after their daughters reported the incident.

She was bleeding profusely after she received a head injury. After the incident, she decided to file a complaint at the police station and even post a threat that she would kill herself if the culprits who beat her up will not be punished.

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The official who spoke with The Indian Express stated that a total of three suspects were then sought after by the authorities and one of them was already arrested.

This is just another proof that men tend to think that they are superior to women and that they can do whatever they wanted to do with them especially when they refused to get touched. Shut down this concept and start respecting each other regardless of their gender.

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